Tezos Research & Development

TOMI's engineering lab is innovating convenient solutions to secure and streamline the develoment of the Tezos ecosystem.  Explore our work as we continue to release Tezos smartcontracts for public use. 

Financial Smartcontracts

Payout Assurance (PASC)

Bakers can seamlessly integrate the Payout Assurance Smartcontract (PASC) into their current setup. PASC enables payout assurance to their delegates, so that rewards are sent to delegates within 24-hours after the baker receives them from the blockchain. This gives delegates peace of mind, increasing their trust in the baker, while enabling bakers to save time, avoid risk, and avoid unnecessary overhead.

Ecosystem Initiatives

Tezos Exchange Project
» tzx Protocol

Tezos has a great advantage in running a system of decentralized exchanges—that is, the decentralization of the Tezos network itself. Each baking node acts as a relayer for an exchange layer powered by smartcontracts. Assets are held by the user in their own non-custodial Tezos wallet, which serves as a login authenticator to the exchange. These features alleviate the technology burden for those wanting to build their own Tezos exchange.

Tezos Smartcontract IDE

Creating smartcontracts for Tezos should become so easy that anyone can do it. TOMI is building an IDE for developers that will not only accommodate the nuances of Michelson (Tezos' native smartcontracting language), but will also include features to run tests on Tezos alphanet and an integrated ability to deploy to the Tezos mainnet as well. This will allow developers to streamline their workflow and quicken production.  Further versions of the IDE will include a Graphic User Interface (GUI) enabling non-coders and visually-oriented thinkers to assemble smartcontracts and deploy them as well. 

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