What is TOMI?

TOMI stands for: Tezos OCaml Michelson Institute. We are a Tezos research and education foundation, based in Los Angeles, California, United States of America. We publish our materials both originally and primarily in the English language as a service to the English-speaking Tezos community worldwide.

TOMI's Mission

The Tezos Blockchain is built on one of the most perfect computing meta-langauges ever created – OCaml – though for which as of today, very few people are familiar. In the long-run, the distinct excellence of OCaml, as well as Michelson (Tezos' own smart-contract language), will be instrumental in making Tezos the greatest Blockchain in history. Right now we in the Tezos community must bear the grunt work of getting developers educated in these langauges.   

TOMI is dedicated to educating developers of very level of experience in OCaml and Michelson, as well as in providing other educational institutions, the materials, framework and guidance they need to implement their own TOM educational program.

We invite you to join us on this journey, and to inquire to us about how TOMI can help you.  Whether you're an entrepreneur or a developer interested in learning TOM so you can build the next great Tezos app, or if you're an academic administrator seeking to implement an OCaml educational program at your institutiion, feel free to join the conversation and to ask us about how TOMI can help you.


TOMI is creating free and open TOM (Tezos OCaml Michelson) courses and courseware for the English-speaking world. We are advancing our series of offerings in a series of staged progressions, with respect to outcomes and expressed student feedback. 


In-person intensive education. Our pilot program is a weekend immersive course in Los Angeles taught by CalTech PhD, Dr. Debajoti Ray. Tuition, meals, room and board are all covered. Application season will be open soon.


If you would like your university or other institute of higher learning to teach a course on OCaml or expand their current OCaml offerings, we can help.  TOMI is developing classroom courseware for educational institutions.


TOMI's long-term project is to develop comprehensive and constantly iterating online courseware for the global Tezos community – designed not only for seasoned developers but for entry-level coders as well.


After iterating our bootcamp model, we will take TOMI Bootcamp overseas to key English-speaking developer cities around the world. If you are interested in seeing TOMI come to your city, let us know.


Tezos OCaml Michelson Certified Accredited Technologist (TOMCAT) – is a credential that our alumni can exhibit to employers, investors, and other institutions as evidence of their formal training and expertise in TOM.


Earning a TOMCAT credential comes upon the point in which a candidate fulfills the requirements of the TOMCAT examination. It is not required that a person fulfill any coursework to take the exam nor to receive their credential.

Bootcamp One – Los Angeles, October 2018

TOMI's 3-day (weekend) bootcamp this October in Los Angeles will teach a select batch of passionate students the fundamentals of Tezos' core languages of OCaml and Michelson. Students will come out of the TOMI bootcamp able to begin coding in the languages of Tezos.  Instructed by OCaml expert and CalTech PhD in Artificial Intelligence, Dr. Debajyoti Ray (aka: 'Dray'). 

This bootcamp's tuition, food, and lodging are FREE, but admission is selective. Students must demonstrate prior coding knowledge, fluency in the English language, and a passion for learning TOM (Tezos OCaml Michelson). All may apply. You do not need to be from Los Angeles, but you must provide your own transportation both to and from the bootcamp house. 

International (coming soon)

Late 2019 we plan to begin pilot programs in other potential future Tezos developer hubs around the world that have large English-speaking communities.  This will enable us to gain from a global student perspective, as well to provide the data necessary to refine our TOM teaching methods to be culturally aware, without socio-geographic biases, and to be universally received as fun and enjoyable.

If you are interested in having a TOMI bootcamp come your city,  you may make a request here. We will prioritize our 2019 schedule with regard to where the demand has proven to be the highest.


TOMI's Research and Development is committed to providing free and open developer resources (technical 'guides') to advance growth of Tezos in every capacity. Our focal points at any juncture reflect the stages of community demand. Currently, we've focused our passion towards the financial infrastructure that will empower Tezos' growth progress and Tezos' technological innovation.

Tezos Exchange SDK

Now that Tezos has launched mainnet, any current and future exchanges hope to integrate the trading of the 'Tez' (symbol: XTZ) into its platform. Tezos, being an independent blockchain and not a token of another blockchain, is what makes exchange integration relatively more challenging. TOMI is here to help. 

TOMI is developing a developer-friendly SDK for easy and secure exchange integration. We're providing this SDK free and open for anyone to use.

Interested in TOMI's Tezos Exchange SDK for your current or future exchange? Inquire below to recevie updates on our timeline and to sign-up to be an early release candidate. 

Baker Index Project

The great thing about baking and starting a delegation service on Tezos is that anyone can do it, even anonymously.  Of course, that also means it can be harder for those wishing to delegate to know which baking service to choose. For many, it's a cause of unnecessary worry.

Trusted knowledge on baking services should be online and accessable by anyone - freely and openly. Collection of such information, though, should continue to be voluntary/opt-in only. TOMI has started the Baker Index Project in order to begin assembling this public resource. 

We're asking those from Delegation Services (Tezos 'Bakers'/'Bakeries') to help us inform consumers of their options, by making sure their service is represented with complete information. We're also making sure that good bakers get their fair recognition (so if you feel your baking service has gotten lost in the frey, this is your chance to stand out.  If you are from a baking service, please fill out this form, linked below.


Dr. Debajyoti Ray, PhD
Co-founder, Academic Lead 

Kevin R. Mehrabi, MBA
Co-founder, Production Lead


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