Tezos Developers: Welcome to TOMI

Tezos OCaml Michelson Institute (TOMI) – a Tezos research and education foundation dedicated to the growth and advancement of the Tezos developer community. TOMI produces innovative support technologies for developers, and educational courseware to support developer education. TOMI also provides in-person developer education through classroom courses and training programs.

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Live Education

TOMI offers bootcamps and in person training seminars for anyone needing to learn Tezos smart-contract development in Michelson. In class, you'll learn how to develop your Tezos projects through OCaml and Michelson. 

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Developer Tools

Working closely with Tezos developers to learn of patterns and painpoints, TOMI has been developing free and open source solutions as tools for the Tezos developer 'tool box', as we call it. Explore  and stay tuned for updates.

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